South Grand For Lease and Sale

For Lease

3014-s-grand_3603016 South Grand Blvd.
2270 Sq. ft. @ $17 Sq. ft.
Realty Exchange, Dianne Graham
(314) 757-7252

3121-s-grand_3603123 South Grand Blvd.
First Floor: 2738 Sq. ft. $2750/month “as is, ready to move in condition”
Second Floor: 3616 Sq. ft. + 761 Sq. ft. mezzanine two rooms $3000/month “As is”
Tai Tran
(314) 518-3188

For Sale

3127-s-grand_3603127 South Grand Blvd.
4450 Square Feet
REMAX, Patrice TenBroek
(314) 951-1905


A flavor all it's own

Fell in love with the area.
Bought our own house. It is home!

-Pam Tower Grove East Resident