2018 Chalk Walk Results

WOW! Yet again, you have astounded us with your talent, ideas, creativity and dedication to chalk art. We’ll post LOTS of photos and videos in the days to come, but here are your 2018 winners!

Judges’ Picks:
Kiddos Ages 0-11:
1st Place: #32, Izabelle Blunda
2nd Place: #71, Linden Long
3rd Place: #4, Sam & Bill Carson
4th Place: #39, Dagny Krug

Young Adult Ages 12-17:
1st Place: #30, Makailah Allen
2nd Place: #44, Alyssa Hesser
3rd Place: #64, Ajani Bayoc

Adult, Ages 18+:
1st Place: #22, Craig Thomas
2nd Place: #28, Michelle Streiff, Tracey Snyder, Donna Lochmann
3rd Place: #1, Garrett Hammersley

Community Favorites:
1st Place: #29, Rebecca Theerman
2nd Place: #18, Julie Graden
3rd Place: #22, Craig Thomas
4th Place: #28, Michelle Streiff, Tracey Snyder, Donna Lochmann

Truly, truly, major congratulations to all who created today! Simply amazing work. People were THRILLED to be able to enjoy it today.


  • Thanks to our four featured (and paid!) artists for creating signature pieces at the four corners of the festival. Check them out: http://southgrandorg.wpengine.com/2018-south-grand-chalk-walk-4-featured-artists/
  • Major thank you to our sponsors! We simply couldn’t do it without them. And special thanks to our prize and food/drink donors for today.
  • Thanks to our esteemed judges: http://southgrandorg.wpengine.com/2018-chalk-walk-judges/ and to all of YOU for voting!
  • Thanks to our committee and volunteers for making this happen! We had a BLAST and we hope you did, too! Nicholas Taggart Long, Maegan Hinchey Lemp, Rachel Witt, Deeds Bonham, Justin King, Emma Klues, y’all rock.
  • Shout out to artist Justin King Designs for making our beloved “Bearnard”!
  • Thanks to the people who performed music today and to those who contributed to the community mural (done by Metro High School art students and teachers) and contributed to the overall sense of FUN happening all up and down the street.
  • Thanks to the shops and restaurants on South Grand who ran specials and promoted this event.
  • Thanks, KSDK for coming out to cover our fun festival!
  • Thanks to the owners of the Chalk Truck for letting people draw all over your vehicle today 🙂
  • Thank you St. Louis for braving a chilly day because we value fresh air and fresh ART!