What People are Saying

“What a perfect strip to eat shop and go for dessert on. This is a stretch in STL that cannot be denied.”


“South Grand, and the larger Tower Grove area, has a great vibe for daily living going on. Very nourishing.”


“Beautiful community and diversity. My favorite place to live in St. Louis.”


“An amazing neighborhood. Such diversity and positivity.”


“Why do you live in Tower Grove East?”

I live in Tower Grove East because it’s a great transition from university life. I love being in the city close to the nightlife of South Grand, Soulard, and Downtown; and the outstanding access to local parks and the Botanical gardens.”

–Steve Spring

“We moved to TGE to have a family-friendly environment for our child to grow up, easy access to the park, and also to the shops and restaurants on South Grand.”

–Deepa Srikanta

“I live in Shaw because it’s a vibrant, diverse neighborhood. The residents are passionate about where they live and being involved in their homes, as well as the neighborhood as a whole.”

–Robin Gray

“I live in the best neighborhood in St. Louis! I can walk or ride a bike to parks, the Botanical Gardens, shopping, and dining. I’m only minutes to Forest Park, The Muny, Fox Theater and … View more Downtown.”

–Machelle Reeves

“We rented a flat – kids and pets were welcomed. Fell in love with the area. Bought our own house. It is home!”

–Pam Nordmann

“I live in Shaw because it is a Historic District with Historic architecture and mature trees. Not to mention great neighbors, wide sidewalks, nearby bicycle lanes and the two best green features in St. Louis – Tower Grove Park and Missouri Botanical Garden.”

–Jeanette McDermott

“I moved here in ’91 after looking for over a year, started out in U. City, looked at a place over on McKean and Arkansas, finally settled on my 2 family in the Heights. The thing that attracted me to the neighborhood at the time was the development of the Grand and Arsenal intersection with Streetside, Kinko’s and Hollywood Video, Mangia’s in it’s original incarnation with the open mike nights and the great art work, Cheap Trix, CBGB’s, Pho Grand etc. I paid 45k for my building and it’s had it’s up and downs, roof replacement in the first year on the “inspected” roof, plumbing replaced from the building entry point, window replacements, doors, etc. There is still much to do. But I love it. I love the 10 ft ceilings, the pocket doors, the fireplaces, a neighborhood where I can walk to fine dining, parking lot movies, fountain playgrounds, Sunday brunch, Mass, open and affirming, a truly community library and so much more.”

–Deborah Doyle

A flavor all it's own

“You can almost literally eat around the world
without leaving South Grand.
And I LOVE it!

-Shannon Tower Grove South