South Grand Projects

Ritz Park

The South Grand Pocket Park will be constructed at 3147-49 South Grand Blvd in the Spring of 2014 as a part of the South Grand Community Improvement District. The Park will be a place for visitors, residents, and employees along the South Grand corridor to relax with friends and/or attend events that will be hosted by the business district such as movie, concerts, markets, and festivals. The park will add not just value to the business district but the neighborhood as well.

South Grand: The City of St. Louis’ First Green Dining District

South Grand’s Green Dining District offers a stunning array of plant-based foods, encouraging diners to choose delicious plant-based alternatives to resource-intensive meat products.

South Grand’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond restaurant greening, especially when it comes to protecting our watershed. The district has permeable pavement, 14 rain gardens, 32 rainscaping locations, and educational signage about watersheds throughout the strip. Learn more about South Grand’s Green Dining District here. Click here to learn more.

South Grand Parking Lot

South-Grand-Parking_2_300x300The South Grand Parking lot is located at 3500 Hartford. It is FREE and 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Offering 95 extra spaces for South Grand visitors, the lot is also equipped with electric and water hookups for use as an event space. The lot is accessible directly from Grand thru Hartford. 



Rain Gardens

Grand-Rain-Gardens_300x225A rain garden is a depressed basin that captures and soaks up stormwater that runs off a roof, driveway, or other hard surfaces.  The 14 rain gardens on South Grand may look like typical flower gardens but they are natural systems designed to treat stormwater.

The plants in these rain gardens are native to Missouri and evolved with its climate over a long period of time. They adapted to living in wet and dry conditions.

There are six walking tour signs throughout the district explaining how the 14 rain gardens are helping with capturing stormwater. Please take the time to explore our six blocks or click below to view the six walking tour signs. You can view the six signs by clicking on the links below:

Sign 1: Cleaner and Greener Streets
Sign 2: Everyone Lives in a Watershed
Sign 3: Drains to Streams
Sign 4: Stormwater Deserves a Treat
Sign 5: Grand Rain Gardens: Beautiful and Beneficial
Sign 6: Keep Streams Clean

Partners whose Financial and in-kind support has made the project possible:

  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • Missouri Department of Conservation
  • City of Saint Louis
  • East-West Gateway Council of Governments
  • Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville
  • Metropolitan Sewer District
  • William A. Kerr Foundation
  • Academy of Science




A flavor all it's own

South Grand, and the larger Tower Grove area,
has a great vibe for daily living going on.
Very nourishing.

-Clifton Area Resident