Who We Are

About South Grand Community
Improvement District

The South Grand Community Improvement District (CID) was organized under Missouri legislation in 2001 provide enhanced public safety, maintenance, building improvements and economic development beyond those services already supplied by the city. The district boundaries are on both sides of South Grand Boulevard extending from Utah Place North to Arsenal Street. The CID operates as a political subdivision of the state of Missouri by a board of directors comprised from unpaid volunteers—all of whom are assessment-paying property owners and/or business owners within the district.

Mission Statement

To cultivate a robust and supportive business climate on South Grand in order to establish the Tower Grove community as the premiere urban lifestyle district in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area.

Vision Statement

Further enhance, the South Grand Community Improvement District to become a thriving self-sufficient vibrant community that emphasizes safety, cleanliness, promotions, quality tenant attraction and retention, and infrastructure improvements.


Community Engagement: We believe it is our responsibility to engage our surrounding business districts and neighborhoods in order to foster a positive relationship to better serve the Tower Grove Community.

Economic Development: We are committed to increase our foot traffic through economic development and through capital improvements in order to create a greater return to the property and business owners within the district.

Public Safety: We believe to create a robust business climate it is our responsibility to foster a safe and inviting environment to those who live, work, and play within the district.

Maintenance We are committed to ensuring a clean environment through ongoing maintenance of the streetscape of the district. In addition to ensuring that infrastructure improvements are well maintained, we plan to keep our commercial buildings clean through programs and/or ordinances. Also, ensuring infrastructure improvements are maintained. 

Board of Directors

Natasha Bahrami President
Salve Osteria/The Gin Room
Rachel Presley Vice President
SF Shannon Real Estate
Kyla Pollard Treasurer
Commerce Bank
Matt Ghio Secretary
The Crone Law Firm PLC/
GST Properties
Lorenzo Andrade
AH Realty Advisors
David Bailey
Rooster South Grand
JoJo Prapaisilapa
Jay International
Max McCreery
G&A of St. Louis
Bay Tran
Tree House Vegetarian Restaurant
Timothy Boyle
City Property Company
David McCreery


Rachel Witt
Executive Director
3115 South Grand Blvd. Suite 350B
Saint Louis, MO 63118
Phone: (314) 772-5750
Email: rachel@southgrand.org

South Grand Cultural Alliance

Mission Statement

We are here to make our community an even better place to live, work, and play. Together, we are boosting our local businesses, encouraging community engagement, and sprucing up our district to create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone. Through unique community events and partnerships with our neighbors, we’re not just transforming our area; we’re building a close-knit community where everyone belongs.

Vision Statement

We envision a thriving and inclusive community district where small businesses flourish, property owners find the support and resources they need to thrive, the streets are safe and alive with activity and art, and the community is recognized as a dynamic and desirable destination. Our commitment to creativity, sustainability, and unity will drive us to build a district that serves as a model for urban revitalization and community empowerment. Together, we will shape a brighter future for all who call our community home.


Community-Centered We prioritize the interests and well-being of our community, striving to create an environment where all residents and businesses feel supported and included.

Sustainability We are committed to implementing sustainable practices that ensure the long-term health and vitality of our district, considering environmental, economic, and social impacts.

Collaboration We recognize the importance of cooperative efforts and partnerships, actively seeking collaboration with business owners, property owners, and the surrounding neighborhoods to fulfill our mission.

Inclusivity Inclusivity is at the heart of our community, where diversity is celebrated and respected. We believe that every individual, regardless of their background or identity, should have an equal opportunity to thrive, succeed, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our neighborhood.

Purpose and Objectives

The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including without limitation the purposes of lessening the burdens of government, lessening neighborhood tensions, and combatting community deterioration.

Implementation: This Corporation will carry out its purpose by using strategies to enhance the South Grand Corridor through public art, festivals, marketing and branding to residents of the Saint Louis region as well as to visitors, for the following purposes:

A. Community Development:
1. To create cohesiveness with the surrounding neighborhoods and institutions, including: Tower Grove Heights, Tower Grove East, Shaw, Tower Grove South, Tower Grove Park, Compton Hill Reservoir Square and Compton Heights.

2. To engage the surrounding community within the South Grand Community Improvement District boundaries

B. Marketing/Branding:
1. To create and develop an identity for the South Grand Corridor
2. To increase the awareness of the South Grand Corridor to residents and visitors

C. Programs: To partner with other entities within the St. Louis region to increase visitors to the South Grand Corridor through the following:
1. Festivals
2. Pocket Park Events
3. Public Art
4. Other events and activities as determined by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Jen Kubiszewski President
Tower Grove East, resident
Kevin Twellman Vice President
Dunaway Books
Melissa Walthart Treasurer
Compton Hill Reservoir Square, resident
Sarah Conners Secretary
Tower Grove Heights, resident
Larry Koesterer
Compton Heights, resident
Brynn Bachman
Steve’s Hot Dogs
Andy Fair
Raquita Henderson
Shaw, resident
Kathleen Witek
Garden District STL


Rachel Witt
Executive Director
3115 South Grand Blvd. Suite 350B
Saint Louis, MO 63118
Phone: (314) 772-5750
Email: rachel@southgrand.org

A flavor all it's own

Beautiful community and diversity.
My favorite place to live in St. Louis.

-Liz Area Resident