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Call for Art: South Grand Chalk Walk

Chalk Walk 2019

Call For Art: Chalk Walk Juried Artists

As we begin to make plans for our 4th Annual South Grand Chalk Walk, we are excited to announce our “Call For Art” invite to new and past Artists to be paid to create eye-catching artwork that will entice visitors to the festival. We are seeking 4 talented Artists to complete a work of art for the Chalk Walk. You will be paid $300, fed and basically treated like the big cheese you are. Your work will be on display along with the competing artists, but not part of the judged competition or community favorite. Your work, name and website will be promoted in advance of, during and after the festival. Patrons can expect all that South Grand has to offer – entertainment, music, and your amazing art.

We are seeking art in all styles. Please submit your proposed design. Please keep in mind size and complexity, we are chalking on side walks and you may have to adjust your design to the space we assign to you.

Important 2019 Dates:

Call for Juried Art: Due May 20th

Jury Selects Artists: by May 24

Event Date: October 12

Artist Agrees to the Following Terms (please read carefully):
This submission is subject to review and approval by Chalk Walk official judges and the Chalk Walk event committee reserves the right to accept or reject any submission. Your proposed artwork must be family-friendly. Everything that is submitted may be used for promotional materials. Artist agrees to have completed artwork by 4 PM the day of the event. It is not mandatory that the artist attends for the entirety of the event from 10 AM-5PM, but it can be beneficial to meet possible leads and press. Artist understands that they may display business cards or small handouts promoting yourself. A bio display will be provided for you. 

Submission Guidelines:

Next Steps
All artists will be notified of the jury’s decision. Artists with approved designs will be issued detailed instructions for the next steps regarding submissions of completed designs and issued event information. Any artists not chosen for this position are eligible to compete in the event through the normal process.