2019 South Grand Chalk Walk: 4 Featured Artists

The 4th Annual South Grand Chalk Walk will have four featured artists, paid to create something magical during the festival. We value these local artists and their work, and we’re excited to showcase their talent during the event! Without further ado, in no particular order, we are honored to have these individuals joining us:

Craig Thomas

Craig Thomas is a freelance artist living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He is known for his fine art, murals and street painting. His artwork has taken him throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Craig works commercial, public and private commissions.


Ori Tala aka N’Dea Collins-Whitfield 


Ori Tala, is a 20-something Black Indigenous, Twospirit (they/them) identifying native and creative or St. Louis, Missouri. Their artistic talents were developed early in their youth. The pieces they create are intertwined comic style with cubism and are often in subjects surrounded in being cosmic and galactic. Their work highlights the representation and the idea of overcoming struggle and the human experience on main personal and identical perspectives of black and brown peoples in America. They use art as an outlet for self-expression, preservation for folx/ people of color (poc) and the recognition of mental illnesses and issues faced within underprivileged/oppressed communities. They are currently working to establish a children’s art biennale and to improve the lives of LGBTQAI+ folx and children through art, science, technology and entrepreneurship.

Andrea Minard (Kim, Ji-Woo)

Kim Ji-Woo is young, queer identifying Korean American. She’s a creative whom appreciates anatomy of both people and animals. Subjects of focus are usually in nature and the people of all walks of life who experience it. The pieces they create are all encompassing of natures many facets and the people in it and their walks through life, muses, inspiration and the connections between both subjects. Their creations involve you in places which resonates with you in the beauty and the adornment of naturalism and living life in vibrant colors. 

Kathy Ann Duffin